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MERI Foundation

We carry out scientific research and environmental education, in partnership with the community, at the service of the conservation of strategic ecosystems in Chile and the world.

Climate Change

Due to its geographical characteristics, Chile is a unique Natural Laboratory in the world. This makes it possible to study the consequences of climate change and propose mitigation alternatives.

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Multidimensional Conservation

As climate change is a multidimensional phenomenon, effective conservation requires working on five dimensions simultaneously: environmental, social, cultural, economic, and institutional.


We study ecosystems or species that are threatened, and whose conservation makes it possible to preserve the ecosystem of which they are part.

We promote the valuation and protection of ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation targets through education.

We seek to get people involved, raise awareness, and call on society to be active in reducing threats to biodiversity conservation.


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Condor and Flamingo Guide

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Elemental Reserves

Natural Laboratories for the Conservation of the World’s Strategic Ecosystems

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Connect with Us

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