In 2012, in keeping with the educational focus of the FCS project, MERI Foundation was created, with the purpose of Promoting and Carrying Out Scientific Research and Environmental Education, at the service of the Conservation of Strategic Ecosystems in Chile and the world.


Michael Grasty

Director – Lawyer from Universidad Católica de Chile, Bachelor of Arts in History from Stanford University.

Francisca Cortés Solari

Executive President – Philanthropist, conservationist, and entrepreneur, who is passionate about nature.

Marcelo Mena

Director – Biochemical engineer with a PhD in environmental engineering, whose career has focused on air quality and climate policy.


We are a diverse group of scientists, educators, conservationists, and ecologists, at the service of the Conservation of Strategic Ecosystems in Chile and the world.
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Executive Team

MERI Foundation’s executive team is responsible for managing the organization’s various teams.

Sonia Español-Jiménez

Executive Director

Environmental Education Team

The environmental education team conducts environmental education programs and activities for communities living in strategic territories for effective conservation. Their activities include: designing programs, activities, and educational materials; applying for competitive funds; executing activities and programs aimed at students, as well as activities aimed at adults and the general public (key actors and community); collaborating in community engagement projects and activities; and managing local partnerships.

Gloria Howes
San Martín

Environmental Education Director

Catalina Valencia Rubilar

Coordinadora de Educación Ambiental

Linkage and Extension Team

The Linkage and Extension Team works with the inhabitants and the institutions present in the territory to achieve effective conservation. We relate to the communities, mainly through scientific dissemination, environmental education and cultural extension activities, as well as collaborating in projects led by the public, private or civil society sectors.

Daniela Daie

Coordinadora de Vinculación