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March 19th 2024

Ocean Philantrophy Challenges and Solutions for Effective Ocean Conservation

The world has committed to protecting 30% of the oceans by 2030 through the adoption of the new High Seas Treaty. Achieving the 3Oх30 target of the GBF (Global Biodiversity Framework) will require a tripling of marine areas under some degree of protection in just six years.

According to UNEP, conserving and protecting 30% of the oceans has a financial cost of US$9-12 billion per year, 9-10 times the current expenditure on marine protected areas worldwide.

In this context, environmental philanthropy plays a catalytic role not only in financial terms, but also in reaching national and international climate and environmental agreements to accelerate the achievement of ocean and terrestrial conservation goals.

However, our society has not been able to move towards sufficient levels of collaboration and cross-sectoral work.

In this sense, science becomes a central element in offering the possibility of aligning different governments around common and consensual solutions based on scientific evidence.

Learn all about the Ocean Philanthrophy event by downloading the digital brochure and program.
High level panel

At Monaco Ocean Week, we bring together a select variety of experts and leaders from diverse disciplines who share a common passion for the preservation and study of our oceans. Our panelists are internationally recognized for their expertise and commitment to marine sustainability.

Abdalah Mokssit

Secretary IPCC

Francisca Cortés Solari

Executive President Philanthropy Cortés Solari (MERI Foundation)

Assunção Cristas

Former Minister of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Territorial Planning Government of Portugal

Mahir Aliyev

Regional Coordinator UN Environment (UNEP)

Enric Sala

National Geographic Explorer in Residence

Susana Salvador

Executive Secretary Accobams

Ms. Daniela Picco

Executive Director, MSC Foundation Switzerland

Ms. Minna Epps

Director, Global Marine and Polar Programme, IUCN

Ramzi Issa

creator of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) debt-swap market UBS