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Cortés Solari Philanthropy collaborates with the Ministry of Culture in an innovative educational program in Cecrea Castro


This morning, the MERI and Caserta foundations participated in the inauguration of the Creation Center (Cecrea) of Castro, under the Ministry of Culture and Arts.

The event chaired by the Minister of Culture, Consuelo Valdés, and attended by the Executive President of FCS Philanthropy, Francisca Cortés Solari, marks a milestone in the history of public-private collaboration in the field of Science-Education-Art and Culture.

In this case, it is the first time that CeCrea programs in Chile will be designed based on the scientific teaching material of the MERI Foundation, to promote Conservation, and with a mixed methodology, which will combine the experience of CeCrea with the Caserta Foundation methodology, which promotes an experiential training process in the outdoors.

In this regard, the Executive President, Francisca Cortés Solari, said that: “We are very proud to be able to participate in this instance, unique in Chile, which understands the educational process from a multidimensional and integral perspective. From Caserta Foundation and MERI Foundation, we will continue working for a comprehensive and sustainable development, at the service of the community and territory.”


The traveling exhibition “Cetacea, Echoes of the Sea” is currently being displayed. We invite you to read this note.