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The Earth’s climate naturally shifts between colder and warmer weather over long periods of time, allowing living things to adapt to these changes. However, human activities have influenced the Earth’s natural climate change, affecting all of its inhabitants.


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the planet. It is the main driver of ecosystem deterioration, declining biodiversity, and impacts on the well-being of all species, including humans.

Climate change is a natural process that has been accelerated by human activities, which emit greenhouse gases (GHG). These gases accumulate in the atmosphere, continuously increasing the temperature of the planet. This influences the variation of the world’s climate, consequently affecting the inhabitants living in the most vulnerable areas.

How do you think climate change affects your territory?

Chile’s geographic characteristics make it a great natural laboratory for studying the consequences of climate change and proposing mitigation alternatives.

Learn more about the work carried out by the MERI Foundation in relation to Climate Change.