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Conversation with Francisca Cortés Solari closes Whales, Voices of the Sea Expo

The last discussion that concluded three months of the highly attended exposition “Whales, Voices of the Chilean Sea” at the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda was successfully held yesterday. On this occasion, Francisca Cortés Solari, the Executive President of the MERI Foundation and Cortes Solari Philanthropy, closed this cycle of ten talks with guests from various fields such as science, art and history.

In the conversation -led by journalist Vivian Lavín- the President of the MERI Foundation spoke about the challenges she faced when she decided to work for the conservation of nature, culture and education as the head of the Cortes Solari Philanthropy Project.

She stressed the importance of raising awareness through environmental education, in times when climate change is generating visible and irreversible changes in ecosystems and ways of life around the world.

For Francisca Cortés Solari, it became a mission and a challenge to work together with the MERI Foundation, through a scientific approach, to develop projects around the conservation of the marine ecosystem and, especially, focused on research on whales.

With more than eighty thousand visits, the exposition “Whales, Voices of the Chilean Sea” has undoubtedly been a contribution to raising awareness, and is one more action within the environmental awareness and education plan that the MERI Foundation intends to pursue.