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Cortés Solari Philanthropy and the American Universities Incorporated will bring the sky closer to schoolchildren


On June 28, Cortés Solari Philanthropy (FCS) and the American Universities Incorporated (AUI) signed an agreement to promote scientific research and environmental education focused on schoolchildren in Chile.

After a whole year of work, the President of FCS, Francisca Cortés and the President of the AUI, Dr. Adam Cohen, signed an agreement to bring Astronomical Education closer to the country. FCS’ general manager Patricia Morales said:  “This is the first time that AUI has a partnership for scientific development and environmental education with a private foundation for conservation.”

This partnership will be carried out by applying different programs that will be carried out in the three Elemental Reserves of the Cortés Solari Foundation: Puribeter, Likandes and Melimoyu. Each of these is located at strategic points to carry out the programs.

Dr. Tim Spuck, director of education at AUI, took this moment to talk about the solar eclipse that will happen on July 2, “Eclipses are a great opportunity for people to understand that astronomy is much more than the night sky. It’s all we can do to make people look up, exploring and being astonished by the wonders of the universe.”

Associated Universities, Inc. is a major American nonprofit corporation established in Washington D.C. Since 1946 nine universities in the United States decided to create this institution with the purpose of managing large-scale scientific facilities.