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Our Ocean Palau 2022 Conference

The Blue BOAT Initiative has been announced as a concrete country commitment of Chile at the 7th “Our Ocean Palau 2022 Conference”

On April 14, The Blue Boat Initiative, led by Fundación MERI and the Ministry of the Environment, was presented as a concrete commitment of Chile for the protection of the oceans. This project was presented at the seventh version of Our Ocean Conference, Palau 2022, a key event where countries, civil society and industries take on new challenges and ambitious goals for the protection of the oceans and the environment.

The Chilean Chancellor, Antonia Urrejola, presented this project as an emblematic initiative for the protection of the oceans that will mark a before and after in the use of technology for the conservation of marine ecosystems.

This pilot project, which is unique in South America, will install intelligent buoys with oceanographic sensors in the Northern Patagonia area. The main purpose is to monitor whales, alert vessels of their presence and thus avoid collisions, along with measuring the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems.

“These are intelligent buoys equipped with hydrophones, oceanographic sensors and transmitters. In September will be the placement of the first buoy, a step that will be a milestone for Chile and a worldwide reference of concrete actions for the effective protection of the environment”, adds Sonia Español Jiménez, executive director of Fundación MERI.

The Blue BOAT Initiative will begin operating in September of this year by installing the first buoy, after 5 years of project development by Fundación MERI.