Chiloé is a strategic point of access to Northern Patagonia, and also makes it possible for MERI Foundation to execute its programs in the provinces of Chiloé and Palena.

Since 2018, we have an office in the city of Castro, province of Chiloé. The building was designed by Ortúzar Gebauer Arquitectos (2013) and is located in the middle of the Pedro Montt stilt house neighborhood, one of Chiloé’s main attractions, which is part of the area’s heritage.

The architectural work consists of a stilt house, composed of unequal stilt houses arranged in a linear fashion, which form a progressive path towards the sea, which culminates in a large space overlooking the Castro Canal.

Thanks to this new space, MERI expanded the coverage of its environmental education and scientific activities in the provinces of Chiloé and Palena. In turn, Chiloé is a strategic point of access, by sea, to the northern coast of the Aysén region, one of the institution’s main territories of focus.