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Mission Patagonia 2022

Mission Patagonia offers you a unique experience in one of
the most remote places on the planet

Immerse yourself in the Melimoyu Elemental Reserve, a place to explore the effective conservation of strategic marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Melimoyu Elemental Reserve is a pristine natural laboratory, surrounded by volcanoes, ice, fjords, cetaceans, blue whales, and other unique resources where we investigate and share innovative approaches to effective conservation and climate change mitigation.

Dare to join this expedition to explore effective conservation of Patagonia, and learn what it means to care for fragile ecosystems and preserve biodiversity, while you experience the overwhelming emotion from integrating yourself into this dazzling environment.

Who is eligible to apply to Mission Patagonia?

The program is open to individuals around the world who are

  1. Over 18 years old
  2. interested in learning more about environmental and sustainability sciences and a more holistic approach to learning,
  3. have demonstrated experience in public outreach and engagement, and
  4. are willing and able to share their Mission Patagonia experience with others in their home communities and elsewhere via social media, presentations, blogs and other media, etc.
  5. Have a fluent English knowledge

Please direct questions to:

Yasmin Catricheo- YCatricheo@aui.edu

We encourage you to be an agent of environmental change … a guardian of nature.