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Promovemos la investigación científica y educación ambiental, en vinculación con las comunidades, para la conservación de ecosistemas estratégicos de Chile.

Catalina Velasco


Marine biologist (UV), PhD candidate in Antarctic and Subantarctic Sciences (UMAG), and science communicator. She has worked since her undergraduate years in linking science with society. She is co-founder of Fundación Mar y Ciencia; an explorer and youth leader of National Geographic; and a diver and underwater photographer. In early 2020, she became the first Latin American woman to be part of the National Geographic Pristine Seas expedition to the Patagonian Fjords, an exploration and conservation project that began in 2008 with the intention of protecting the oceans.

As a researcher in MERI’s Cetacean Area, she supports and manages projects aimed at the valuation of marine ecosystem services and the reduction their threats. She actively carries out scientific communication, environmental education, and engagement activities created by MERI.